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Are you looking for the perfect way to spruce up your outdoor space? If so, Artificial Grass Auckland Pros is here to help! They provide high-quality artificial grass and installation services that can transform any dull yard into a lush oasis. With their superior products and expertise, they are sure to make your outdoor area look amazing.

  • Residential Lawns
  • Petting Areas
  • Playgrounds and Childcare Centres
  • Sporting Fields
  • Rooftops and Balconies
  • Schools
  • Building Developments
  • And More

At Artificial Grass Auckland Pros, they understand how important it is to have an attractive lawn. Not only does having beautiful landscaping increase the value of your home, but it also boosts curb appeal and makes spending time outdoors more enjoyable. That’s why they strive to always provide top-notch customer service and craftsmanship when installing their synthetic turf solutions.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the website today to learn more about all the great options available from Artificial Grass Auckland Pros! Whether you’re looking for an easy DIY project or need professional assistance with installation, these experts will be able to accommodate all your needs – giving you a vibrant grassy landscape in no time at all.


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What Is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass, also known as artificial turf or fake grass, is a synthetic surface made to look and feel like natural grass. It can be used for landscaping, sports fields, playgrounds, patios and more in Auckland. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it’s also low maintenance compared to its organic counterpart. Artificial Grass Auckland Pros specializes in providing quality artificial turf solutions that are tailored specifically to their clients’ needs.

Using the highest grade of materials available on the market today, Artificial Grass Auckland Pros offers superior installation services with unbeatable durability and performance standards. Their team of highly experienced technicians offers professional advice when selecting the best type of artificial turf for any environment or application in Auckland. From pet-friendly surfaces to high traffic areas such as golf courses or sporting facilities, they have options available that will meet your unique requirements while still looking beautiful and staying functional year after year.

With so many advantages offered by this innovative solution, it’s no wonder why so many people choose Artificial Grass Auckland Pros for their artificial turf needs in the area. Knowing you’re getting the very best service from professionals who understand what works best for each individual situation gives customers peace of mind knowing they’ve chosen wisely.

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Our Services:


At Artificial Grass Auckland Pros, we specialise in residential lawns. We understand that having a beautiful and lush lawn is an integral part of any property’s aesthetic appeal. Our team of professionals are committed to providing high quality service for all your artificial grass needs.

We provide a wide range of services including installation, repair and maintenance of synthetic turf, as well as the removal of existing natural grass. With our years of experience and expertise, you can trust us to deliver superior results every time.


Jazz up your commercial space with professional looking synthetic turf! Our team of pros has years of experience in transforming commercial spaces into attractive, inviting places.

We provide artificial grass services to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape without any fuss or maintenance involved. With commercial properties, this means you don’t need to worry about regular upkeep such as mowing and watering plants; instead, our team can install the perfect lawn with synthetic turf that looks just like real grass.

Pet Grass

Let’s find  the perfect solution for your furry friends! We understand that having an artificial lawn can be beneficial in many ways; it is low maintenance, easy to clean and great for pets with allergies. We offer different types of artificial turf specifically designed for pets, so you can rest assured that your garden is safe and comfortable.

Our professional installers will ensure that your pet’s space is suitable, secure and durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear of regular playtime or walks around the yard.


At Artificial Grass Auckland Pros, we understand the importance of having a safe and fun outdoor playground. Our team is dedicated to providing quality artificial grass solutions that are designed to withstand wear and tear from high traffic areas. We specialise in creating playgrounds that provide an area for children to play safely while parents can rest assured knowing their kids are safe.

From installing shock pads beneath the turf to making sure it meets safety standards, our goal is to ensure your playground looks great and provides maximum comfort and enjoyment for everyone who uses it.

Sports Turf

Sports turf is an integral part of any outdoor recreational area, whether it’s a playground or sports field. Here at Artificial Grass Auckland Pros, we provide professional services to help bring your sports turf dreams to life! We’ve been in the business for years now, so you can expect only top-notch installations and maintenance.

From choosing the ideal fake grass varieties to carefully laying them down on site. Our experienced installers always guarantee high-quality workmanship and use only premium quality materials for every job.

Putting Greens

Our putting green services include installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. We will help you determine the right type of grass for your specific needs and budget. Once installed, our team can provide regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh and vibrant all year round. Additionally, we offer repairs if any damage should occur or if you need minor alterations made such as adding new flagstones or sand bunkers. 

No matter what size project you require – from small backyard greens to full-scale tournament coursesArtificial Grass Auckland Pros has got you covered!

Why Choose Auckland Artificial Grass Pros?

When you’re looking for artificial grass, why not choose the best? Artificial Grass Auckland Pros offer superior quality and customer service. Here are just a few reasons to opt for us:

  • We provide reliable advice on the right type of turf for your needs.
  • Our experienced team has extensive knowledge in laying and maintaining artificial lawns.
  • We use only high-quality materials that will last long and won’t fade or wear down quickly over time.
  • We guarantee an excellent result every single time with our 100% satisfaction promise.
  • And we always strive to deliver exceptional value for money – so you can get the most out of your investment.

At Artificial Grass Auckland Pros, we understand how important it is to have a beautiful outdoor space, which is why we take pride in delivering premium quality products and services at competitive prices. So, if you’re looking for top-notch artificial grass installation and maintenance solutions, you know where to turn!

Advantages Of Artificial Grass

Advantages of artificial grass are plentiful and can transform any outdoor space. Not only is it low maintenance, but there’s a variety of types to fit every budget and preference:

  • Low Maintenance: Artificial turf requires no mowing, fertilizing or watering; making it an ideal solution for busy households.
  • Durability: Synthetic turf stands up to heavy foot traffic without damage, fading or wear-and-tear. It also resists weeds, bugs and other pests.
  • Cost Efficiency: Investing in artificial grass offers long term savings on lawn care costs over time. Plus, with no water bills associated with its upkeep, you can save even more money!

From gardens to playgrounds and sports fields to dog parks – the possibilities are endless when it comes to using fake turf. You can create your own unique outdoor living space that looks fresh all year round without worrying about harsh weather conditions like rain or snow damaging your investment. Furthermore, synthetic grass has come a long way since its early days and now looks as close to real grass as possible giving you a natural look while still providing you with convenience and durability. ‘With this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many people have chosen artificial grass for their landscape projects.

So if you’re looking for an affordable yet reliable home improvement project that will last for years – consider installing artificial grass! From saving time spent maintaining your property to creating a beautiful environment at home – the advantages of this product make it worth considering.

The Different Types Of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has become an increasingly popular choice in Auckland for homeowners wanting to add a touch of green without all the fuss and maintenance that natural grass requires. But, there are several different types of artificial grass available on the market today, each with its own unique benefits.

One of the most common types is nylon turf – it looks incredibly realistic and feels like walking on real grass. This type of artificial grass also resists staining better than other varieties, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as lawns or playgrounds. Additionally, polyethylene synthetic turf is known to be more durable while still providing excellent drainage capabilities. Furthermore, this type of artificial grass provides superior protection against UV exposure over time compared to other materials.

No matter which type you choose, one thing remains certain: artificial grass can provide a great way to enjoy your outdoor space without any of the hassle associated with maintaining traditional landscaping. Now let’s take a look at how to care for artificial grass so that it continues looking beautiful for years to come.

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How To Care For Artificial Grass

Caring for artificial grass isn’t difficult, but it is important. There are some simple steps you can take to keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful. First of all, make sure that the area around the artificial turf is regularly swept and cleaned. This will prevent debris from clogging up the fibers and creating an unappealing look. It’s also a good idea to rake the surface periodically in order to get rid of any dirt or leaves that may have settled into the turf.

If there are areas with heavy foot traffic, these should be given extra attention when cleaning and raking. Additionally, if your artificial grass has a rubber backing then it might need more frequent brushing as well to ensure that it stays intact and doesn’t start tearing away at the seams over time. Finally, occasional spraying with water can help maintain its coloration by preventing discoloration due to UV exposure. With just a few easy steps you can keep your fake grass looking great!

By taking proper care of your artificial grass you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty for many years to come. And now let’s move on to discuss why investing in this type of lawn could benefit you in numerous ways…

The Durability Of Artificial Grass

When considering artificial grass, one of its main advantages is the durability it offers. Unlike natural grass, which requires consistent watering and regular maintenance to stay healthy and look good, artificial turf does not require the same upkeep. It can withstand various weather conditions such as intense heat or cold temperatures without losing its structure and beauty. Plus, with a lifespan of 15-20 years, this type of grass won’t need to be replaced often – giving you long term value for your money.

The other great thing about artificial grass is that it’s easy to clean and maintain; all you have to do is give it an occasional rinse with water or brush away any dirt buildup on the surface. This makes it ideal for those who don’t want the hassle of caring for real grass but still want their outdoor spaces looking neat and beautiful year-round.

And with Artificial Grass Auckland Pros providing superior quality products at competitive prices, they are sure to meet your needs when selecting synthetic turf for your home or business property. They offer expert installation services along with professional advice so you know you’re getting exactly what you need!

Why Choose Artificial Grass Auckland Pros For Your Artificial Grass Needs?

Are you considering having artificial grass installed in your Auckland property? If so, Artificial Grass Auckland Pros is the team for you. We have been providing expert services to our customers since 2007, and we are dedicated to delivering outstanding results. Here’s why you should choose us for all of your artificial grass needs:
1) Our team has years of experience installing artificial turf, allowing us to provide a reliable service that you can count on.
2) We use only top quality materials from leading suppliers to ensure that your installation looks great and lasts long-term.
3) We offer competitive prices with no hidden costs or surprises.
4) All of our services come with a five year warranty, giving you peace of mind when it comes to maintaining your new lawn.
At Artificial Grass Auckland Pros, we understand how important it is to get the job done right – the first time! That’s why we take pride in our workmanship and strive for customer satisfaction every single time. With exceptional attention to detail and unrivalled expertise in this industry, there’s no better choice than us when it comes to selecting an artificial grass installer in Auckland.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Install Artificial Grass?

Are you wondering how much it would cost to have artificial grass installed in your Auckland home? Installing artificial turf is a great way to upgrade the look of your outdoor living space and create an inviting area for family and friends. But what’s the financial investment involved?

At Artificial Grass Auckland Pros, we understand that every project is different and comes with its own unique set of needs. Our experienced team can provide tailored quotes based on your specific requirements, taking into consideration factors such as size, installation difficulty and any additional services needed. We strive to provide competitive pricing so you get quality results at an affordable price. So if you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor environment that doesn’t break the budget, then let us help!

How Long Will Artificial Grass Last?

When it comes to artificial grass, one of the most important questions is how long it will last. This can be a crucial factor in deciding whether or not to go ahead with an installation project. Fortunately, when installed and maintained properly, artificial turf can last for many years before needing to be replaced.

The life expectancy of an artificial lawn depends on several factors including the type of turf used, quality of materials and installation technique, as well as climate conditions such as extreme temperatures or heavy rainfall. It also requires regular maintenance including brushing off debris and removing weeds from time-to-time. With these measures taken into consideration, you can expect your synthetic surface to stay looking vibrant and lush for up to 15 years! So if you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor area that won’t need replacing anytime soon, then artificial grass may just be the perfect solution for you.

Are There Any Environmental Benefits To Using Artificial Grass?

When it comes to artificial grass, one of the main questions people have is how environmentally friendly it is. Are there any benefits to using this type of product? The answer is yes! Artificial grass has many environmental advantages that make it a great choice for any home or business.

First off, artificial grass doesn’t require water like natural lawns do. This means you won’t need to use sprinklers and hoses; instead, rainwater will naturally hydrate your turf if needed. Additionally, since no fertilizer or pesticides are used in its maintenance, there’s no risk of runoff into local water sources—unlike with traditional lawn care methods. Furthermore, as opposed to mowing real grass on a regular basis, synthetic turf eliminates the need for gasoline-powered equipment which makes it much more eco-friendly overall.

In addition to being better for the environment than natural lawns, fake turf also offers some economic perks too. Since there’s no need for constant upkeep such as weeding and trimming, homeowners can save time and money by not having to hire gardeners or buy expensive tools or products. All in all, when considering whether artificial grass is right for you or your business space, these environmental benefits should be taken into consideration before making a decision.

Is Artificial Grass Safe For Children And Pets?

Most parents want to ensure that their children and pets are safe when playing outdoors. That is why many of them consider the benefits of artificial grass as an option for their outdoor spaces.

When it comes to safety, artificial grass has a lot to offer. It’s soft surface makes it comfortable for both kids and animals, while its non-toxic materials make sure there will be no harm caused by contact with the grass. In fact, synthetic turf can even have anti-bacterial properties which help keep your family healthy. Additionally, since artificial grass requires very little maintenance, you don’t need to worry about potential hazards like sharp rocks or debris in your yard that could hurt your loved ones.

So if you’re looking for a way to give your children and pets a safe environment to play outside without having to sacrifice quality or beauty, then artificial grass may well be worth considering for your Auckland home!

What Is The Best Way To Clean Artificial Grass?

Cleaning artificial grass is an important part of having it in your home or business. Not only does it help the turf look its best, but it also ensures that kids and pets will be safe from any germs or contaminants that may build up over time if left uncleaned. So what’s the best way to clean artificial grass? Let’s take a look.

First off, you’ll need some basic cleaning supplies like a garden hose, mild detergent, and perhaps a brush for tougher stains. Start by using your garden hose to rinse the surface of the turf with plain water, then spray on the detergent solution before scrubbing with the brush if needed. Here are five tips to make sure your artificial grass stays looking great:

  1. Don’t use too much force when brushing; this can cause damage to fibers.
  2. Regularly remove debris such as leaves or sticks so they don’t get trapped in between blades.
  3. Inspect regularly for any signs of wear and tear and replace damaged sections right away.
  4. Clean spills immediately with warm water and soap-free detergents – these won’t harm synthetic materials used in most artificial grasses.
  5. Consider investing in professional deep cleans every couple of years for optimal performance of your lawn.

With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to making sure that your artificial grass looks great all year round! It’s important to remember that regular maintenance is key for ensuring that both children and pets stay safe while playing around on it.

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